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Project: USAID Data and Evidence for Education Programs (DEEP): On-Going Cost Measurement Support Task
Sector: Education
Area: Global
Method: Cost-economy (including activity design and sustainability), cost-efficiency, cost-effectiveness
​Status: Active

DEEP provides a global platform for aggregating, managing, analyzing, and reporting cost, fidelity, and impact data and evidence across USAID’s Global Education Portfolio. As the lead cost analyst to EnCompass, SALT conducts all of the data analysis, and provides methodological guidance. We also support and conduct capacity building to USAID Missions around the world as well as USAID Washington.

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Project: RTI International Learning at Scale
Sector: Education
Area: 7 Countries
Method: Cost-efficiency and cost-effectiveness
Status: Active

Funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and led by RTI International, Learning at Scale assess the cost-effectiveness of eight at-scale or nearly-at-scale literacy programs in seven LMICs. SALT's cost findings will be used to demonstrate how context and the program’s structure impact costs and the government’s adoption.

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Project: Brookings Institute Standardized Early Childhood Development Costing Tool (SECT)
Sector: Education, Health, Nutrition, Sanitation, Water
Area: Global
Method: Cost-economy and cost-efficiency
Status: Active

SALT serves as an advisor to the Brookings Institute for the development of the SECT early childhood development multi-sectoral software costing tool.

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Project: Save the Children Reading Enhancement for Advancing Development (READ)
Sector: Education
Area: Bangladesh
Method: Cost-effectiveness
Status: Complete

SALT served as the lead analyst for the cost arm of a multi-year USAID funded literacy project. SALT was also the lead trainer to capacity build local Save the Children International, Bangladesh staff in cost-effectiveness evaluation methods.

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